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 We want you to hear our WHOLE love story. Find out how The Pablove Foundation got started and impact that we are making in the lives of kids with cancer.  

About our Charity


Fighting Childhood Cancer with Love


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, an entire community is diagnosed with cancer. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, schoolmates, neighbors—even cyberspace friends—are moved by something we all feel intuitively: kids should never have to experience cancer.

Our (pab)love story began in 2008, when our son Pablo was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms Tumor, a rare form of childhood cancer. From the day of his diagnosis, we took to the blogosphere to keep our loved ones up-to-date on Pablo’s progress…to vent…and to preserve our countless happy moments with him. Soon, our oldest friends were rallying alongside perfect strangers to help our family through each day.

Even with love pouring in from around the world, our “happily ever after” didn’t come: Pablo passed away six days after his sixth birthday. On that day more than any other, our amazing community wrapped its collective arms around us—and their love inspired us. In this exchange, The Pablove Foundation was born.

Pablove’s mission is based on our own journey with childhood cancer: our impassioned desire to find a cure, our search for information as parents trying to make informed decisions about our child’s treatment, and our desire to allow Pablo to still be a kid while he was in treatment.



Grant Funding

Among the 12 different types of childhood cancers the rarest of cancers go for decades without any progress.

Although we’ve made great strides in treating some childhood cancers in the past 50 years, current treatment protocols cause long-term, chronic health problems for survivors like organ damage, fertility issues, and even secondary cancers.

Institutional Funding

Since 2010, we have awarded more than $2,200,000 in Childhood Cancer Research Grants to over twenty institutions worldwide. With these career development awards, our researchers are searching for more effective treatment options, and for a better understanding of how childhood cancers behave.

Pablove Shutterbugs

We teach children living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography

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Pablove One Another



We teach children living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography

Cancer is no fun – especially for kids. Through the lens of a camera, pediatric cancer patients are given a new perspective. Students in our classes learn to express themselves, exercise their independence, and practice new ways of seeing – all while having fun! Para más información sobre el programa Pablove Shutterbugs en Español, llámenos al 323.657.5557.

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